Auckland Winners 2016

Year 7 – 8

1st place: Remuera Intermediate 

Paper, Scissors, Rock by  Max Liggins and Nick Coetzee

The game we choose to build was “Paper Scissors Rock using random number generating to decide what the computer chooses at the same time as the player chooses their option. Once we had learnt these fundamental steps to launching a game onto the Google Play store the goal is to build better and better games until we can launch games that people like enough to pay a small fee to download onto their android devices.


Year 9 – 10

1st Place: Howick College

Developing a website for a community group by Levi Beintken, Sam Romero, Josh Scragg.

Totara Park Riding for the Disabled is one of the 55 groups that are affiliated to NZRDA, a charitable organisation that provides therapy, education, sport and recreation for children and adults with disabilities, through the riding and care of purpose trained horses. Their old website was about to be taken down so they would like to take the opportunity to create a brand new website which looks modern and is responsive to different devices.



Year 11 – 12

1st Equal: Glendowie College

SafeDriver by Isaac Mercer

Safedriver is a mobile app which is aimed at promoting safe driving practices by visitors to New Zealand. The app provides specific audible road safety messages and information based on location of the driver. It has been designed to require minimal itineration as required due to the law restricting the use of cell phones while driving.


1st Equal: Diocesan School for Girls

Loocation by Lydia Watson, Joanna Li, Piper Whitehead.

We built a mobile application called “Loocation” which allows you to find the toilet nearest to you that best suits your needs. With filters such as disabled access, gender neutral, or parent friendly toilets. This app will help you locate quickly and efficiently where to go when you need to go.